The Goan

DataFox 1.9.3 Released Nothing special to see here, just a release I was forced to make to increase the range of Firefox versions that DataFox supports due to the recent Firefox 5 release. I have tested DataFox even with Firefox 6 and it works just fine, so increased the range to support Firefox 6. No new features or fixes in this release.

Ocala Something I may not have mentioned earlier, for Firefox 4 (and up) users, if you are wondering where DataFox has gone, you need to enable the Add-on bar from the View > Toolbar menu (or press ‘Ctrl + /’).

I am aware that DataFox does not work with the new BSNL selfcare sites; if users from each zone would send me their usernames and passwords, that would help a great deal. If you want selfcare support, please send me your credentials.

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