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Friends Youth Magazine

An old magazine from 1977, 4 years before I was born. Found in my grandparent’s house; thought you guys may find it interesting, especially Anand’s secret 🙂

Friends July 77 InsideFriends July 77 Cover

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Firefox T-Shirt

A few months ago, I updated DataFox to work with Firefox 3. It was more than just updating the compatible version numbers, I had some trouble with password management, tooltips and some other stuff I cannot recall right now. I managed to do this in time to claim an AMO T-Shirt which arrived a month ago. I like the way it says Add-ons Development Team on the back 🙂

So here are a couple of photos of me being awesome. My face is not included because when I sent an un-cropped version of the first photo to my friend, his monitor exploded! Guess it is just too awesome for most hardware, sorry. True story.

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Without me, it’s just Aweso…

So, probably 3 whole years after I should have, I finally have started my own blog. I was holding off until I could write my own blog/wiki hybrid article site, but realized I will never have the time to work on either the framework or the articles, so here it is – The Goan blog.

I hope to write about my ongoing experience as a MyEclipse developer, my own little hobby projects, technology and a few occasional rants. Probably write some more about life in India, driving and other stuff (stopping here or this post will never get out).

Thanks to my friends, Riyad and Sushubh for encouraging me to start blogging; if you don’t like this blog, blame them, otherwise, enjoy!

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