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MyEclipse 7 is Here!

If you’re wondering why I jumped straight to a MyEclipse 7 post without any “non-work” posts in between, then you’re staring the reason in the face… MyEclipse 7.0.  Since MyEclipse 6.6, we’ve presented at Eclipse World (more about that later) and worked on nothing but MyEclipse 7.0. Besides new features, this release includes much awaited updates and fixes across the board. MyEclipse 7.0 and MyEclipse 7.0 Blue Edition were released on the 9th, so without wasting more time, let’s dive right into the juicy details…

What’s new:

7.0 is our first production release for Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4), preceded by two milestone releases in the 7 series. It is also the first MyEclipse release delivered on top of the Pulse Eclipse Management Platform and includes a Pulse based plugin dashboard. As an end user, this enables you to:

  • Install optional and early access MyEclipse plugins.
  • Update MyEclipse easily.
  • Easily add and manage 3rd party plugins to your MyEclipse installation.
  • Move to another machine but continue to use an identically configured MyEclipse installation (including 3rd party plugins) with ease.
  • Share workspaces and workspace settings with co-workers.

The ability to share workspaces is only available to Pulse Freelance subscribers, all other features are absolutely free.

MyEclipse 7.0 adds JAX-RS to it’s list of supported web service frameworks. This means you can now develop, deploy and test RESTful web services in MyEclipse. We use Jersey, the JAX-RS reference implementation. I’ll try to provide more details in a later post.

An early access version of our UML2 features can be installed via the dashboard. This includes a massively detailed UML2 graphical editor. So if you feel like cranking out a Composite Structure diagram (I don’t 😉 ), you know where to look.

Our Javascript tools are a professional integration of JSDT, which gives the editor a much needed upgrade with support for OOP/closures, vastly improved content assist and various other code browsing enhancements.


  • Spring Tools built on SpringIDE 2.2.0, with Spring Web Flow 2 support
  • MyEclipse Reports now built on BIRT 2.3.1
  • OpenJPA 1.2 support
  • JSF EL content assist enhancements and support for Apache Trinidad tags
  • ICEfaces 1.7.2 SP1

For more details (with pictures!), please see the New and Noteworthy documents for MyEclipse and MyEclipse Blue Edition. Enjoy!

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MyEclipse 6.5 GA Released

MyEclipse 6.5 and MyEclipse 6.5 Blue Edition were released late last week. Our last MyEclipse release (6.0.1) was back in October 07, followed by MyEclipse Reports and an updated version of Matisse for MyEclipse released through Community Essentials in late December.

MyEclipse 6.5 finally includes Maven 2 support, users of this long old thread rejoice! 6.5 also includes a much needed Hibernate Tools & Spring IDE upgrade, JAX-WS 2.0 support, Portlet support and improved JSF/Faclets visual designers. Support for Hibernate 3.2 is finally available along with Hibernate Annotations support even in hybrid Spring-Hibernate projects. On the Spring front, we now support Spring 2.5, along with Spring Web Flow 1.0 and Spring Java Config 1.0.0.m3.

Our last MyEclipse Blue Edition release (6.1) was in early Feb this year. The 6.5 Blue Edition release includes support for WebSphere Portal Server, multi profile support for WebSphere 6.x and RAD to MyEclipse project migration wizard.

For more details, check the New & Noteworthy docs for  MyEclipse 6.5 and MyEclipse 6.5 Blue Edition.

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