FireBible Screencasts

Medvedovskaya The collection of screencasts below present a visual tour of FireBible’s features. For more detailed information and troubleshooting assistance, please see the FireBible page.

Getting Started – Setting up JSword & Downloading Bibles


A visual guide to setting up the FireBible extension for Firefox. This video walks you through installing JSword and downloading a Bible.

FireBible Core Features Part 1: Bibles

This video will walk you through reading a Bible in Firefox, searching, using Study notes, commentaries, Strong’s links and word morphology.

FireBible Core Features Part 2: General Books, Daily Devotionals, Maps, Dictionaries & Preferences

Learn how to access content beyond just Bibles with FireBible. Brief overview of FireBible preferences.

Using FireBible with Ubiquity

Learn how to lookup Bible references fast ‘n’ easy with Ubiquity and FireBible.