The Goan

DataFox & Devabulator Development Update

DataFox is currently being updated to work for new MTNL Bombay users, those who have a ‘@’ in their username. A prototype is already working, but making sure it works well under all circumstances is the big time sink. Expect a release in the next week or two. In other DataFox news, a month ago, I released DataFox 1.5, which is a better Firefox citizen (I cleaned up a ton of global variables) and works for a portal update. This version is also more efficient for users of this portal, as DataFox no longer needs to fetch and parse all your records before presenting usage statistics; it takes all it needs from the summary at the top of the sheet, saving both time and bandwidth.

Devabulator has been due an update for ages and I have been meaning to get to it for some time now, though I have been recently occupied with DataFox and FireBible development. Of course, the biggest time sink of all is MyEclipse DeviantART unknowingly forced the issue by drastically changing the feed Devabulator is built around, breaking Devabultor completely. It will attempt to get a list of deviations, but then hang, failing to display even a thumbnail. I spoke to them and they said they weren’t aware of anyone using the feed, so…

Again, I already have this mostly fixed, but need to make some changes to accommodate fundamental differences in the information received. Also taking the opportunity to run down some hairy bugs, if I manage to reproduce them.

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