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Devabulator 1.4 Released

buy Gabapentin for cats A couple of days ago I released Devabulator 1.4, you can get it here. Changelog:

  1. Fixed break caused by deviantART feed change. Devabulator would just say “loading deviations” and sit there doing nothing. Thanks to Micah from the deviantART team who helped me fix this.
  2. Added dock support. The current deviation is now displayed in the dock, handy if you have Devabulator minimized.
  3. Fixed ‘n’ & ‘p’ hotkeys. These were not working in Konfabulator version 4 and up, now fixed (and hopefully not broken for version 3…)

I found this news item explaining deviantART’s new search capabilities rather interesting, the cool part is that you can use most of these queries in Devabulator too (Devabulator uses the same feed to fetch deviations). For instance, have Devabulator show you today’s daily deviations by adding “special:dd” to the modifier list. The Devabulator page has a larger list of modifiers which you can use to really fine tune the results.

Also, I’m not really sure Konfabulator will last much longer, the forums seem to have disturbing news; so this may be the last Devabulator version, at least for Konfabulator. If you have another platform that you’d like to see Devabulator on (iPhone, Android, Vista Sidebar, etc.) please comment. In the meanwhile, enjoy!

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