MyEclipse 6.6 GA Released


order disulfiram over the counter MyEclipse 6.6 and MyEclipse 6.6 Blue Edition were released a few days ago; 6.6 is a bugfix update to version 6.5 on the Europa Platform.

can i buy generic Lyrica Noteworthy items in this release include:

  • Maven4MyEclipse updates
  • Updated to WTP 2.0.3
  • OpenJPA support
  • Matisse4Myclipse and UML stability improvements
  • Updated language packs

New and Noteworthy docs with more detail: MyEclipse 6.6, MyEclipse Blue 6.6.

A GA version of our Ganymede offering, MyEclipse 7.0 will be available later this month; if you are wondering why we chose to release 6.6 before 7.0, see this post. Our latest milestone release for the Ganymede platform is 7.0 M2. New and Noteworthy: MyEclipse 7.0 M2, MyEclipse Blue 7.0 M2.


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