DataFox 1.7 Released


I finally had some time to polish off version 1.7 of DataFox, something which had been quite ready for a few weeks, but hadn’t been tested yet. Special thanks to Apoorv for testing the Delhi code as well as surfacing some important OS X bugs. Props to Vrushank Desai for the MTNL credentials I needed.

New in version 1.7:

  • Support for ( still works as well for 117.* series users).
  • Support for MTNL Bombay users with ‘@’ usernames.
  • New {rX} variable contains the remaining amount of transfer for the current month.

Will be pushed to AMO (still has version 1.5) later this week, the review process usually takes awhile. Enjoy!


  1. hey brian..dis is pretty cool commentin on ur programs..just got the datafox program loaded on my friends pc and they wish to thank u a lot…jus got it installed on tania’s pc at home too its really cool…thanx again…

  2. Hi Friend
    The extn. Datafox is really very helpful,plz update it for firefox 3.5 b4 also,
    Thanks in advance
    If you want I can provide you mine Mtnl delhi Internet credentials

  3. hey buddy, thanks a million for creating this nice application. how ever , you should seriously consider making one for google chrome.

    thanks once again for this app

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