DataFox 1.7.5 Released


I spent this afternoon getting DataFox 1.7.5 ready for release; this version is a minor update, fixing changes in the portal which rendered version 1.7 defunct. I also used the opportunity to correct the max version, so DataFox will now work with the all Firefox 3.5 installations. Enjoy!

Yekaterinburg Note: The AMO version will be updated next week


  1. Hi

    Thanks for this brilliant peice of addon.

    It doesnt work with 3.5 Beta though. Have you tested it with that one?

    In the status bar it just shows NaNMB

    Any help will be highly appreciated

    • Glad you like it, DataFox has been tested with all recent versions of Firefox, even works with 3.6 alpha 1.
      Does the tooltip display okay? Check your DataFox preferences and look at the status string, it should be “{cX}MB” or “{cX}MB / {sX}MB”. If it’s still not working, send me an email, see the About page for contact details.

    • Dennis, until very recently it did work for @a usernames. However, MTNL has changed their site (earlier this month, I believe) which prevents DataFox 1.7.5 from picking up the info it needs. I’m working on a new version to fix this problem, will probably release it in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned and thanks for asking.

  2. Hey brian,
    I love ur add on datafox…..really handy and useful
    would you please bug ur firefox add on ‘datafox’ to be compatible with latest mozilla 3.6
    Awaiting ur mail

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