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DataFox 1.9.5 Released

Announcing the release of DataFox 1.9.5, with:

  • Support for, thanks to Rohit Singh for the help. The “charged usage” is displayed as 0, (at least for his account) and this is the value DataFox uses to display the progress; so if your account has this same problem, you will not see a progress bar at all and the surplus calculations will be off. Hopefully BSNL fixes this problem soon. If you manually enter in the domain field, DataFox might work for that too because they appear to use the same backend. Unfortunately, because nobody has sent me their credentials, I have been unable to test this or add support if required.
  • Increased Firefox compatibility range to 15 – I don’t want to be forced to release a new version every couple of months with these monthly major version changes.

As always, if you want support for the selfcare portals, please send me your credentials or I have no way of implementing support and I will have to simply ignore and / or delete your comments.

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DataFox 1.9.3 Released

Nothing special to see here, just a release I was forced to make to increase the range of Firefox versions that DataFox supports due to the recent Firefox 5 release. I have tested DataFox even with Firefox 6 and it works just fine, so increased the range to support Firefox 6. No new features or fixes in this release.

Something I may not have mentioned earlier, for Firefox 4 (and up) users, if you are wondering where DataFox has gone, you need to enable the Add-on bar from the View > Toolbar menu (or press ‘Ctrl + /’).

I am aware that DataFox does not work with the new BSNL selfcare sites; if users from each zone would send me their usernames and passwords, that would help a great deal. If you want selfcare support, please send me your credentials.

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DataFox 1.9.2 Released

DataFox 1.9.2 adds support for the modifications made to the site a month or two ago. Support for the selfcare sites is not available in this version, I need selfcare site credentials (please email me). This version will also work with Firefox 4 beta 1.

Unfortunately, there were two issues in DataFox 1.9.1 released to earlier today; there was a data unit problem where a gigabyte value was incorrectly assumed as a megabyte value (if only BSNL really did that when calculating usage ;)) and I accidentally removed the DataFox update URL from version 1.9.1. Any users who updated to 1.9.1 will not receive any update notifications :(. If you did not install 1.9.1, you should see an update for 1.9.2 via the regular update mechanism, if you did install 1.9.1, simply go to the DataFox page and manually install version 1.9.2 to fix the problem (you will see subsequent updates as well).

Also, for users clamoring for Chrome support, DataFox for Chrome has been available for a couple of months now and includes this fix.


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DataFox 1.7.5 Released

I spent this afternoon getting DataFox 1.7.5 ready for release; this version is a minor update, fixing changes in the portal which rendered version 1.7 defunct. I also used the opportunity to correct the max version, so DataFox will now work with the all Firefox 3.5 installations. Enjoy!

Note: The AMO version will be updated next week

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DataFox 1.7 Released

I finally had some time to polish off version 1.7 of DataFox, something which had been quite ready for a few weeks, but hadn’t been tested yet. Special thanks to Apoorv for testing the Delhi code as well as surfacing some important OS X bugs. Props to Vrushank Desai for the MTNL credentials I needed.

New in version 1.7:

  • Support for ( still works as well for 117.* series users).
  • Support for MTNL Bombay users with ‘@’ usernames.
  • New {rX} variable contains the remaining amount of transfer for the current month.

Will be pushed to AMO (still has version 1.5) later this week, the review process usually takes awhile. Enjoy!

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