State of Maharashtra Hates my Name


Around 8 years ago, I got my first license, for motorcycles. Everything looked kosher until I noticed my name incorrectly spelt as Brain. I decided to live with it and have used it as proof of age and proof of residence several times, nobody seems to notice the mistake.

So when I started driving lessons, I made sure my name was correctly spelt on the learners license I was issued at the beginning. On the day I completed my driving test, the driving school filled out additional forms and I checked the spelling, again. I asked if I needed a new photo and they said it wasn’t necessary, all details would be taken from the learners license, including some biometric details and my mug shot. So I didn’t bother highlighting the problem in my older motorcycle license. My mistake. All details were copied, except the name. Hooray! So, I’m stuck with this for another twelve years… Brain Victor Fernandes. Cool beans when you’re eighteen, irritating when you’re twenty six.

I can get this fixed, of course, but I’d like to know how much longer this will continue to be accepted everywhere. Hey, remember to check back in twelve years for the results!

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