FireBible, beyond Bibles


п»ї100mg neurontin May take just an hour to get something sorted out technically, but could take a few weeks before you work out all the details and iron out the bugs. It’s been months since the last release and I wanted to let users know that I am still working on FireBible and haven’t abandoned the project. I’m still working out the details, but I think I’m pretty close to a stopping point. Here is a preview of the upcoming FireBible version, which will add support for General Books, Daily Devotionals, Dictionaries and maybe Commentaries too. This version will also work with the upcoming JSword 1.0.8 release, the existing version will only work with JSword 1.0.7.

I get a good amount of feedback from fellow Bible software developers on sword/jsword-devel at Crosswire but not much from general users, so if you use FireBible and have some suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. See the About page for contact details.

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