FireBible 0.8.5 Released

1459 Map of St. Paul's first journeyThis has probably been the fastest follow-on release I have made across all my projects (still not fast enough), due to an internationalization bug a few users ran into; for any language for which a JSword localization existed, the Bible toolbar / search could produce invalid URLs. I also happened to be working on Map / Image support so that got bundled in too. I managed to throw in a few verse display settings as well, more preferences like this to come in the future. If you already have FireBible installed, simply go to Tools > Add-ons and click Find Updates to find the FireBible update. Or you could head on to FireBible and pick it up. There are no Map or Image modules in the Crosswire repository due to copyright issues, but you can find many in Karl Kleinpaste’s public module repository. FireBible may only display text for a few of these modules due to a bug in JSword which should be fixed in the next JSword release. Watch this space for updates.

As always, all feedback appreciated; hope you enjoy this release!


  1. I’ve been trying to get firebible to work on firefox, but to no avail! I’ve directed the tool>firebible screen to my jsword folder, i’ve installed the latest java version… i’m pretty computer literate, and I’ve never had this hard a time getting a program to run! I’m running vista-64, with firefox 3.0.6. I’ve been looking forward to trying out this really amazing-looking ap, but I’ve had zero luck installing it thus far.

    Brandon Grey,
    Crowley, LA

  2. I ditto Brandon’s dilemma.
    After unpackaging jsword into an empty directory,
    After installing the FireBible xpi plugin
    After aiming it (the plugin) to the directory where jsword was unpacked
    After aiming it (the plugin) to the modules directory,
    It still keeps saying it is busy – even after 1 hour!!!
    I have latest Java and JRE for my linux installed!!
    I think your app is busted!

    That aside, I would like to point you to an error in spelling
    of the words of the transliterated Holy Book in the Arabic Language
    on URL
    The English Transliterated spelling ought to be:

    Al-Kitab Al-Muqaddas (Notice the final s)

    Without the s, the word Mugadda has no meaning.

    Best Regards,


    • Markus,
      FireBible is tested on Linux, Mac and Windows, so I know it does work on all these platforms. Having said that, there are a few variables that could potentially cause problems (but out of my control) and I am trying to improve error reporting with each version. If FireBible is still “loading” even for a minute, that’s too long. Typically takes under 5 seconds, though that would vary depending on your machine and the number of modules you have.

      You seem to be running into a problem with Java, not with JSword or the modules. When you say latest version of Java installed, do you have 1.6.0 update 12? If you have update 10 or 11, remember to disable the “next generation Java plug-in” as described in section 4 on the FireBible page (or just install update 12 which is out of beta now). I will send you more details via email.

      Have updated the page with your spelling correction, thanks!

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